Inside Out Markets Booth

November 7 the Inside Out Markets will be hosting a Christmas Shopping day. Here are a few items that I have added to my pottery booth.

Christmas candle holders. The painting is just a backdrop for the candles and not something that I painted.
Tennessee Key Rings
An egg separator, a toothbrush holder and a sponge holder.
The frog watercolor is a new feature in the booth, along with fall leaf napkin rings.

Inside Out Markets opened Tuesday October 6.,2020 My pottery booth is upstairs with sculpture, pottery and greeting cards. I plan to use this page to showcase new pottery and explain the use of some of the pieces.

The Fitzgerald Manor was built in 1865

Thanks to my husband, daughters and son-in-laws. the booth finally came together last week. Julie, Rachael and I drove to Vinterist Artisan Shop in Chattanooga to get ideas for the display. Charlie and I scavenged antique shops looking for shutters and antique furniture. Tim and Dan built the shutter shelves. Julie and Rachael helped me plan the set up in my garage. Julie created the beautiful pumpkin floral design in the center of the top shelf. Rachael and Tim moved the bookcase, table and shutter shelves in, while my son-in-laws, Stacy and Jason hauled the heavy hutch with the owls up 2 flights of stairs. They didn’t even balk when I teased them about hauling it up the spiral staircase. Rachael helped me stage the pottery and didn’t hesitate to say “no” if she didn’t think my placement was right. Charlie helped with the final chore of hanging my Ravin Studio sign above the shutter shelves, which was a task putting the nails through the brick wall. So thank you again to my family for their moral support and physical help in making one of my art bucket list dreams become a reality.

Featured Pottery

This is a People Feeder. The top lifts off to fill the cylinder with small snacks, M&Ms work great. A small amount comes out of the holes at the bottom in the tray. That way only one person is touching the snacks, which is an issue during the corona virus pandemic.
Another fun piece is the cupcake candy dish. Once you lift the cupcake topping, there is a space to fill with candy or jewelry . I also made the cake stands .
This is my most popular mug.