Christmas Muffin Pan Decoration

Last Christmas when we went to Dahlonega, Georgia I fell in love with a ceramic muffin tin. When I got home I made one for myself and found out why it was so expensive. It was very tedious to make. Besides muffins, I have found many uses for the muffin baker. Here is a hint when you bake in ceramic ware, you should put the ware with food in at the preheat stage so that the pottery heats gradually. In my art blog I will share art, pottery and Charlie’s recipes. I am just learning my way around this blog platform. While I have posted this on Facebook, my intent is to share my blog only with friends and family who are interested in art, pottery and recipes. If you are interested in reading my blog, you will need to go to my blog website and subscribe with your email. Then whenever I blog, it will go directly to your email. Here is the website address that you will need to go to : Once you read the blog, you can leave a comment and subscribe. Here is a hint for my Christmas blog, it will feature Charlie’s fudge pie recipe.


  1. Got to figure out how to follow regularly.
    Putting away your cards tonight! How I love them. Penny does sound like a terror!
    John was here a couple of nights this week so I left up decorations!
    Tomorrow is Emily’s birthday!
    Happy New Year to you and Charlie.


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