Mother's Chicken and Dumplings

My mother loved to cook. Her daily routine was to read the Tennessean newspaper, particularly working the crossword puzzle and the word jumble. Then she would look through the newspaper for recipes she liked. She would cut them out and staple them to an index card and file them in a small wooden recipe box.

During this time when so many of us are isolated, homebound and stressed with all of the coronavirus news, I thought a comfort food recipe would be good. Now whether you can find a whole chicken, milk and shortening during this crazy grocery time is another thing.
The last line did not copy. ” Warm gently back up to serving temperature.

I cooked this recipe last week and I would suggest a few modifications. The dumplings needed more salt. Also the broth needed more salt. You could even add about a half of a can of Cream of Chicken soup to thicken it up a little.

Art Projects this month

I have been working on an acrylic painting 30″ x40″ of a bear to go over our fireplace for about a month. I will share a beginning photo. I have been working on this on Tuesdays when I go to the Old Hickory Art Center and it has changed since this photo. Unfortunately, the bear is in isolation at the art center and it may be months before I get back to it.

This is a pastel of an overlook in Gatlinburg. I also painted this scene in watercolor several years ago. It is interesting to see the difference.
watercolor of Gatlinburg overlook.
The owl came out of the kiln Sunday. He is about 8 inches tall. It is the first of a series of “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” In my next post, I will photograph the steps I go through to create the sculpture.

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