Inside Out Market Booth

The coffee shop and artisan gift shop opens October 6. My pottery booth is upstairs. I have created a new area on my pottery/recipe blog. On the top menu bar it is titled Inside Out Market Booth. I plan to highlight new items added to the booth, as well as explanations for how to use some of my pottery creations. Mostly, I feature functional pottery for the person who loves to cook, many items that you will not find at Walmart. For example, the booth has a People Feeder which is the perfect snack dispenser for the Covid-19 crisis. It looks like a bird feeder. You put candy in the top and a handful comes out at the bottom, which means that hands are not touching the rest of the goodies. Today I will highlight two pottery items that I use daily.
This is a microwave bacon cooker. You drape bacon over the edge. I put a paper towel over the dish with bacon and set the microwave for one minute per slice. Check the bacon, depending on how thin or thick the bacon is, you may need to cook it one more minute. This pottery will be hot, so be sure to use a pot holder to grab the handle as you remove it from the microwave. Once the grease cools, pour the grease in the trash.
This is a berry strainer perfect for one person. There is a large hole for your thumb to hold the piece and small holes to drain the liquid once you run water over the berries. Mainly I use this for strawberries and blueberries.

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