Watercolor Ceramic Bonanza

Pottery tools for the watercolor artist.
Customized watercolor pad. 20 sheets of 140 cold press watercolor paper
Divided bowl. One half is for clean water to add to mixing watercolors. The other half is labeled “dirty” to hold water to wash your brush before changing colors.
A great way to sort watercolor pencils, brushes and erasers. Always store brushes with the bristles up. Also, dry your brush before you store upright.
While I designed this for brushes or pencils, it could be used for a makeup organizer.
This palette is just the right size to mix your paint. It cleans easily with no stain.
I can’t tell you how many times I have had a brush full of paint that I laid on the table and it rolled and left paint all over the table. This brush rest keeps the brush from rolling.
This looks like an ashtray. You use it to hold water and then you rest your brush in the noches.

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